Clay Mohrman Is a Lighting Designer out of Burlington, VT

Clay sources wood local to Vermont from the woods and shores surrounding Lake Champlain. The collection uses lighting to connect interior spaces with nature through the combination of LED lighting technology and the found wood.

Connecting interior spaces with nature has always been a prevalent theme in Clay's work. Designers have full command over our built world, shaping this "inside" world to the specifications of a human. Interior spaces act as a refuge from nature and its elements and they use design as vehicle to exist in this space. Many manufactured products, such as lighting emulate natural phenomenons. Rather than separate these two spaces, nature and the built world Clay aims to connect them. Using form, function and materials, the sculptures exist at the intersection of nature and the built environment. The material representing nature and the geometric shapes paying homage to design. The work provides functionally satisfying pieces of sculptures in unison with nature.



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